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Drying tunnel
We have two modernly designed drying tunnels, enabling quality drying of apple slices with the right amount of residual moisture, which gives the final product pleasant freshness and emphasises the fruit flavour.

Continuous dryer
Fruit and vegetables are dried with conventional drying with hot air. The production is designed in a way that the sliced fresh fruit quickly travels to the pre-dryer device, where the oxidation process is halted. This way the product preserves its nice, bright look.
We strive to achieve production without additives. Antioxidants (citric acid, ascorbic acid, sodium metabisulfite) are only added at the customer’s request.

Chocolate coating facility
The sweet story of our company began in 2016. A final touch was added to the dried fruit by coating it with high quality chocolate. In addition to the dried apple products, we also produce chocolate-coated pumpkin seeds.

Packing facility
Products are packed in bags of different types and sizes, which are adapted to different customer requirements.

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